Image via Fe on Facebook

Image via Fe on Facebook

Fe returns with a gorgeous new song tonight. “Mother Russia” is little more than an organ, some ambient strings, and Fe’s soft, pillowy voice cooing in your ear. She’s making waves as the English response to Lana Del Rey—only problem is I’m starting to think Fe might be better. Like, a lot better.

The song was released on Soundcloud tonight with an ambiguously sexual tag instructing listeners to “kiss the mist.” It sounds ridiculous, but I will try. Maybe—just maybe—she is comparing the new song with the act of kissing mist. It is a rather “misty” track, coming forward and drawing back until a swell of bells and subtle kick drums bring us home. More likely it’s a reference to the lyrics of “Mother Russia,” wherein Fe claims it “started with the thing that she liked / kissed the mist every night.” I don’t know what to believe anymore. But I will certainly move Fe up a few notches in my power rankings of international responses to Lana Del Rey. You can be damn sure of that.

Obligatory reference to her hat. Stream “Mother Russia” below:

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