“This Lonely Morning” was the first song written for Best Coast‘s upcoming Fade Away, a mini-album set to release on October 15th. The band’s Cali surf-rock is damn near fully formed, with fuzzy guitars and a chorus of voices for the hook bringing you down to the beach to watch the waves. Better yet, most of the world has abandoned this good ol’ amp and drum setup for gloomy synths and hurt feelings, which makes Best Coast’s sound stand out all the more. Lead singer Bethany Cosentino told Rolling Stone “I wrote that song in literally five minutes, sitting in bed one morning, bored. The song kickstarted the writing for this record.”

After “Fear of My Identity,” another cut to be featured on Fade Away, our collective fingernails are starting to get down to the nubs, what with the anticipation and all. Check out the tracklist for Fade Away and “This Lonely Morning” below:

1. This Lonely Morning
2. I Wanna Know
3. Who Have I Become
4. Fear of My Identity
5. Fade Away
6. Baby I’m Crying
7. I Don’t Know How