World’s Fair popped up on our music radar technology a few months back with “’96 Knicks,” a theme song for New York complete with vinyl pops and the namesake of the grittiest basketball team ever to play in the NBA. The tracks they’ve released since have left many feeling like a Wheel of Fortune winner, face puckered in anticipation.

Fool’s Gold has teamed with World’s Fair to bring Bastards of the Party to the people, streaming and available for free download below. It’s a rich trip into the roots of hip-hop: these guys have, like all artists before them, figured out why they liked the rappers they grew up with, and used those favorite flows as foundations for their own. The rhythmic footprints of Nas, Biggie and Jay Z are all over Bastards of the Party, an influence consciously recognized and embraced by the group.

That’s what makes this album great—they’re sharing a 13-track analysis, and producing something wholly unique and new in the process. The grime and shine of NYC is embedded in every song, a symphony of urbanity.

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