Everything we’ve heard from Sunny & Gabe so far paints a pretty unclear picture—colorful, entertaining, and excellent, but unclear. With each song, we got a little piece of what they’re all about, from the hazy/trippy sounds of jj-style pop to a more hip-hop oriented vibe, complete with a verse from Odd Future’s Mike G. But it hasn’t all come together yet.

We still haven’t figured out the Virginia duo, but we also haven’t heard anything we don’t like yet, and now that their debut album/tape is here, it’s time to put all the pieces together. Based on what we’ve heard so far and the opening seconds of the first track, “Godzilla,” it’s pretty clear that Free Candy isn’t going to disappoint. Press play on the project and get familiar with Sunny & Gabe.

Listen to Free Candy below, and download it at http://sunnygabe.com.