Chet Faker is back this Monday morning with a sensual new smooth-groove that features New York songstress Kilo Kish. “Melt” is one of those songs that envelops you as it moves, swelling and receding through chorus and verse. Faker’s voice is the embodiment of velvet, alternately crooning and mumbling melancholies like “destroy my life” and “overdose” until the chorus, where he finally opens up those pipes and lets loose over a chorus of shimmering synths.

Madame Kish, for her part, provides a beautifully breathy alternative. It almost sounds like she adopts an English affectation to her speech — not that that’s a bad thing. Throughout the song, lyrical delivery verges on the incomprehensible. But for a song that deals with the confusion and heavy mentalities of loneliness and misunderstanding, it fits the bill just right. Stream “Melt” below: