Tumblr is a breeding ground for creativity. Oh, you want to see Adele as a Furby? Here you go. What’s that? You want to see Kanye West lyrics paired with Saved By The Bell screenshots? Yup, got that. No idea is too bizarre for the crafty minds that log into Tumblr. We’re reminded of this once again with This Charming Charlie, a Tumblr that uses Morrissey and The Smiths’ quotes for the dialogue among Charlie Brown and his Peanuts gang. You’ll likely never something more uplifting than a mash-up of some of music’s most depressing lyrics with the cartoon world’s most pathetically charming character. Next time life gets me down—like when Time Warner goes out right when I’m trying to order The Canyons—I’ll be sure to click here for some words of encouragement.

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