Chance The Rapper has been very vocal about Kanye West‘s influence on his music, even getting a little reciprocation in the process. Now that the 20-year-old Chicago native made it across the Atlantic to one of his idol’s new hometowns, it seems only right that Chance would pay homage.

Which brings us to that strange box at the top of this post with the man apparently trapped inside. Press that red triangle and you’ll see Chance covering Kanye’s “All Falls Down” in Paris during the “Rock en Seine” concert two days ago. He’s overing there with Eminem this week, just for shits and gigs. Chance flips the script on the College Dropout classic with his signature vocals, dancing around the original lines to make something wholly new. The video also offers a peek into Chance’s live stage presence—in this case, it’s just fun to watch an artist enjoying the hell out of a song you can tell he’s loved since rocking stages in Paris was just a pipe dream.

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