More and more often, we’re getting music from new artists who we know nothing about. It’s a funny thing, considering that with the Internet there is more information available than ever before, but in what seems to be a backlash against this overabundance of details, many indie artists are choosing to introduce their music with no backstory or clues into their personal lives.

While some are tagging the mysterious introduction as a gimmicky strategy, it also has its advantages. Most importantly, we’re forced to judge the artist on the music alone. Instead of hyping up a release based on co-signs, affiliations, or a well-polished image, the music speaks for itself.

In the case of Séyi (pronounced “seh-yee”), an act from Birmingham, England, the music does all the convincing it needs to. With lush production that blends electronic with sweeping classical elements and gentle vocals, “Icecold” is a great introduction that has us very interested.

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