You know the feeling. Your significant other seems less and less involved, emotionally closed off and increasingly passive. You reach, anxiously grasping at whatever he or she will give you, desperate to revive this slowly withering relationship. At some point, you can literally feel the love pour out from between you two. It’s frustrating, sad, and ultimately, inevitable.

Stockholm-based singer/producer Sailor & I captures that sadness in his latest single, “Tough Love.” Floating atop absolutely stunning and powerful string arrangements, the vocals mourn a relationship that’s in its last dying breath, tugging at your heartstrings due to Alexander Sjodin’s visceral emotion. “Sometimes I start a fight / just to see if you care,” he hopelessly sings, but it’s all to no avail due to his disinterested, uncaring lover.

Sailor & I’s debut EP of the same title will be released on July 7. Listen to “Tough Love” above.


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