There weren't many genres of music more popular during the 1990s than alt rock. The music had melodies that were catchy enough to cross over into mainstream while still incorporating grungy guitar progressions and manic percussion that put it in the same family as harder rock. As music evolves and trends fade, alt rock became something we're now slightly embarrassed to have so fully embraced—like inflatable furniture or the Macarena.

But now, firmly into 2013, we're confronted with a whole new set of musical mishaps like Ke$ha and Rebecca Black that—in retrospect—sort of make '90s alt rock seem not so bad. In an effort to remember where we came from, we took a look at some of the genre's most popular music videos (and then made GIFs from them because hey, we're not fully transporting ourselves back to the '90s, let's not get crazy). Here are 10 GIFs that make us miss '90s alt rock... kind of.