Today brings the second chapter of electric boogaloo authored by Jack Magma. His new track is called “Super Powers,” and is filled with the cyber-sounds and gigantic synths that have snuck their way into indie poprock this past decade. Magma has begun to cultivate a sound that starts at Passion Pit but ends up closer to the more recent work of Phoenix and The Strokes, a melange of sharp, snappy samples with a big back beat to keep the skeleton intact.

“Super Powers” is a bit more ambitious than Magma’s previous offering. He dips his toe into more atmospheric waters with the last third of “Super Powers,” building an outro with faint dashes of Kanye strewn in. The sound is still growing, but it’s fascinating to hear the artist evolve track by track. He’s trying new things and expanding his comfort zone, and so far, the results have been well worth the trouble.

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