Py had one of the best introductions of last year with “Lungs,” but the London singer who came out of nowhere (ergh, came out of London, I suppose) has had a quiet 2013 so far. Maybe she just wanted to make sure that her next step was in the right direction. It is.

She’s back with “Polyethers,” a sweet little electronically sparkling tune with lyrics about freshly cut flowers and summertime—a perfect soundtrack for the season. More importantly, it’s proof that Py’s 2012 run was no fluke.

And in case you were wondering what a polyether is, Britannica explains it to be “any of a class of organic substances prepared by joining together or polymerizing many molecules of simpler compounds (monomers) by establishing ether links between them; polyethers, which may be either chainlike or network-like in molecular structure, comprise an unusually diverse group of polymers.”


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