Francis, Francis, Francis. Where have you been?

It’s been almost two years since we have had anything new from Francis and the Lights. The light-on-his-feet-crooner (watch this video right now if you don’t know what I’m talking about) is back with a beautiful taste of what I hope is a lot more to come. “ETC” is simple. Echoing hand-claps and beautiful, airy vocals come together to form the dreamy track. It’s easy to get lost in Mr. Starlight’s voice as it swirls over the beat and he begs the question, “Are we dreaming?” The song has an astral vibe, which couldn’t be more fitting considering the front man’s name. Close your eyes and you’ll gladly lose yourself with “ETC”.

The track is being released by UK indie label Good Years. It is available for stream and download below.

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