Young Wonder‘s latest track is a clear reminder that music being made on the fringes of the “hip” music scene often supersedes the passed around names of the moment. Although they are quickly gaining momentum, the Irish duo are still fairly unknown—a factor that has some people searching for a quick comparison or a handy box to place them in. The beauty of this group though, is they are striking off in their own direction in a way that so few young artists have the curiosity and eagerness to do. They marry repetitive sampling techniques with skipping beats and Rachel Koeman’s spiraling voice until the whole song feels like a gyroscope meant to measure sound instead of angles.

Blinking ’80s synths reconstructed to sound like xylophones circle in on the lyrical, joyous chant “I’m electrified!” that Koeman returns to like a bird to its nest. Indeed, it’s the lyrical repetition that anchors the various, often warring elements of the the song, and binds them back to the center. The genre of music that Koeman and producer Ian Ring have opted to work in is saluted in the song, as is the metaphorical moment it celebrates. Stream the track below, make sure to hear their previous song “Time” and look for the Show Your Teeth EP out in only a few days on May 6 through Feel Good Lost.