This year’s Record Store Day (April 20) is full of great releases, but one in particular has us excited. Detroit’s Black Milk will be releasing Synth or Soul, a vinyl-only EP for RSD, and here’s a little sample of what to expect. “Computer Ugly Ugly,” which appears on side A, and “Why Worry” from the B-side reflect Black Milk’s musical flexibility, sounding remarkably different from one another. Check out the two cuts below.

Synth or Soul EP tracklist:
Side A
1. Computer Ugly Ugly
2. When The Sky Falls
3. 600
4. Higgs Boson
5. Piano Moog
6. 80’s TV Show

Side B
1. Why Worry
2. Deep Breath Deep Bass
3. Heavens Cry
4. Wish A N’gga Would
5. 10 Luv
6. Drunk Tweets

(Gorilla vs. Bear)