Dev Hynes is a fucking professional, no doubt about it. When a song like “Entertainment” drops and a band like Phoenix gets back into the game, part of the promotion plan is to enlist some big name producers to remix the singles, generate more buzz, and get the songs embedded in the little nooks of fans’ malleable brains. It’s become a tactic that labels aggressively pursue, and much of the time it comes off as slightly uninspired. Unless you get the right people. Dev Hynes almost always fits into the category of The Right People.

Entertainment” is surely going to get 50 more remix treatments before the album drops next month, but following up this Blood Orange remix is going to be a tall task. With a glossy finish, Dev turns the song into a chilled out groove that climaxes with an unexpected but perfect shredding guitar solo. He turns what was once an explosive, lively cut into what we can only imagine it feels like to walk on the beach during sunset while draped in white linen and a modest number of rose gold chains. Very confident, very relaxed, very comfortable.


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