Like so many of the Swedish pop artists making waves right now, Beatrice Eli balances catchy hooks and hummable melodies with experimental production and an indie sensibility. The impressive thing about Beatrice is that she’s already polished her sound and her aesthetic, and while we just heard her for the first time with “It’s Over,” we’re already getting a feel for her style.

As of right now, she’s only got 917 likes on Facebook, but we could easily see her getting scooped by a major label and catching on quickly.

“I’d like to be perceived as someone who’s real, and passionate about what I do. But I’d want to be the badass daughter of Jackie Brown. I think it’s gonna take me some living experience to get to that level of fearlessness or badassness, but I’m working on it.”

Beatrice’s debut EP It’s Over comes out on March 24.

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