Tom Odell broke onto the scene last year with the hauntingly beautiful “Another Love.”  He didn’t have much music released—until now. He comes back with the first official single from his much-anticipated upcoming debut album Long Way Down.

“Hold Me,” resonates its own special way. The song is pretty straightforward – Tom Odell just really wants someone to hold him. (Side note Tom Odell, I’m super down. Call a bitch.) Tom passionately tickles the ivories as he belts out lyrics about the overwhelming feelings of falling in love. The trippy, amazing, euphoric magic that happens when that special someone holds you close. Just before the climax Odell pulls it back, stripping the song down to just the beautiful vocals before bringing it back full circle and finishing with a bang. All in all, this guy is gonna be an artist to watch in 2013. And also, seriously Tom Odell, hold me?