CocoRosie Gravediggress Tales of a Grass Widow

Today The Guardian posted a new track from freak-folk purveyors CocoRosie. “Gravediggress” is threaded with organs and windchimes and the familiar raspy beat samples that feather the sisters’ wispy vocals with a hip-hop sensibility.  Along with the new single, CocoRosie announced the details for their next album, which will be called Tales of a Grass Widow and comes out on May 27 on City Slang.

This is the first new music from Sierra and Bianca Casady since last year when they released the track “We Are On Fire” which featured production from TV on the Radio‘s Dave Sitek. In many ways, “Gravediggress” feels much more like the older CocoRosie stuff than that single did — more of a narrative tale stretched into a song — and the wordplay of the title is a pun on level with any of Kanye’s best rhymes. Stream the track below via Soundcloud, it is also available for download.