Well this is…odd. Grizzly Bear has released the visuals for their latest track “Gun-Shy” and it’s not for the faint of heart. Directed by Kris Moyes, the video features the band members undergoing various surgical procedures, removing their hair, nails, skin and blood from their bodies. The idea behind this comes from “extracting creativity,” as Moyes says on the band’s Tumblr:

The idea came from a question:- if the creative energy of any living organism could be seen, what would it look like? Ed, Daniel, T and Bear demonstrate where their creative energy is located by extracting their hair, nails, skin, sweat, tears and blood. This is an invitation for a very rare glimpse of what creative energy could look like on a molecular level, if it could be seen.

Is this is where their music comes from?

Brace yourself and check out the Grizzly (see what we did there?) video above:


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