To be completely honest, I can’t take Kitty (Pryde) seriously after that last “RREAM” song. There’s something charming about that kind of soft, bluntly delivered, dreamy rhyme style that Kitty has, and as many have already pointed out, Kilo Kish’s delivery has charm for some of the same reasons. But Kish seems to be slightly less focused on exploiting what people love about her in the cutest of ways, and more focused on artistic integrity. It feels less Internet-y. It feels more like serious art.

“Creepwave” will be featured on Kilo’s k+ mixtape, coming out soon and featuring an impressive guest list that includes Earl Sweatshirt, SBTRKT, Childish Gambino, Star Slinger, and many more. If the rest of the project is on par with this first single, k+ should be a big step forward for Ms. Kish.