I sincerely hope that this is what 2013 sounds like, because this song is insane. I don’t mean that in a metaphorical sense; the track sounds like it was created by an insane person. It’s a delusion of grandeur condensed into a pop song.

“Masters of the Sun” is the debut single from Kids of the Apocalypse, a group describing themselves as “an anonymous collective from all over the world.” So far, they’re using that anonymity to employ wild, broad ambition. “Masters” brazenly takes cues from nearly everything happening in and out of pop music right now, from dubstep-esque rumbles and Lex Luger synth crescendos to a children’s choir, creating an entirely unique song out of some very mismatched appropriation. The lyrics are fittingly out-of-control theatrical and close to what I imagine Kanye will be rapping like circa 2018; phrases “Don’t let the sun go down,” “We were born in the arms of the city” and “We are masters of the sun” define the content.

It’s safe to call this, at the very least, intriguing. You can find a little more about KOTA at their retro-inspired website (worth checking out), and check out the spliced found footage video for “Masters of the Sun” after you grab the free download of the track below.

(Disco Naivete)