I don’t know anything about this band. They are from Los Angeles, according to their Soundcloud. They were recommended to me by @JennsDrunk, who is almost always right about these things. We’ve gotten so accustomed to hearing new bands that come prepackaged with a story and an image that sometimes it’s kind of nice to jump into a year-old song with no background information. So here’s “Opossum,” a beautiful track from Wardell. There’s no other music on their Soundcloud. This one is a builder, and there’s a second breaking point at around 2:30, so don’t get all ADD and dip out before then.

If you like the idea of jumping into something new without any background, stop reading here. In the process of writing this post I naturally did some digging. In case you are obsessed with information, here’s the “about” section from their Facebook:

Wardell (formerly Brother/Sister) is a band that consists of one brother and one sister who met during a play date set up by their parents. One’s black and one’s white. They remain brother and sister.

Also, lead singer Sasha Spielberg is an actress. Also, she’s the daughter of Steven Spielberg.

You can buy the song here.

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