Since signing to MMG, Wale has been pretty inconsistent. Fans of the go-go flavored style of his earlier work saw him drift further away from what made him unique and more into pop rap mediocrity. His first album was a disappointment, but with his signing to MMG, it seemed like the second chance that many artists never get. Instead of trying to really focus in on his skill set, he just gave in to being shaped by the MMG mold. While guys like Meek Mill and Gunplay shine in that kind of setting, Wale simply doesn’t, and although he has his moments (particularly “Bait”), it still feels like a lot of staleness and a lot of misguided energy.

His latest mixtape, Folarin, is another unfocused collection of tracks that leaves a lot to be desired, but there are some moments that kept us just interested enough to keep paying attention. Here are a few highlights. You can check out the whole thing here.

Wale ft. Chinx Drugs / Fatz – “Let A N*gga Know” (Prod by Rico Beats)

Wale ft. Travis Porter – “The One Eye Kitten Song” (Prod by Diplo)

Wale – “Ji-Dope” (Prod by Beat Billionaire)

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