Ever since their proper arrival in 2008, Crystal Castles have penetrated popular culture in an unlikely way. With their ghostly combination of gothic, electronic, and pop, they’ve managed to carve out a niche in the indie realm and lead the way for a slew of acts who opt for a dark pop path far different from the many sugary melodies that end up capturing popularity. And all the while, Alice Glass has remained one of the most compelling characters on the scene.

To celebrate the release of Crystal Castles’ third album, here are the 15 best Alice Glass GIFs.

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When people are like, “Goth chicks can’t be cute!” and I’m like, “Oh?”

When we’re lying in the grass having a romantic moment and you’re like, “Go ahead, Alice, ask me anything.”

When I’m like, “Todd, for this next trick, I’m gonna paint my eyes black and open my mouth and do that weird head roll thing that I do. You just make another one of me, but bigger, behind me, okay?”

What is this string coming from my garments? Alice can eat this?

When I make eye contact with a middle-aged conservative man in the audience.

When my tour manager is like, “Alice did you really need to chug that vodka and jump in the audience all reckless like that?” and I’m like, “Yeah, actually…”

When I was little I always wanted to be that creepy black and white lurking shadow figure in the background of a horror movie. And here I am. Crystal Castles.

When someone is like, “Alice, you have beautiful eyes,” and I hit them with some of this weird eye shit before screaming and finishing it off with a little of the Exorcist head spin. Snitches.

When I can make you kind of scared and also turned on at the same time.

When I’m like, “Yeahhhhh, woooo,” and the crowd is fucking loving it and the security guard behind me just doesn’t get it and probably never will.

When Outkast is like, “Shake it like a Polaroid picture” and I try my best but this is all that happens.

“Alice, what do you say about wiping off all that dark eye make-up and maybe brightening up your wardrobe?”


“Give me your innards.”

When you’re at a Crystal Castles concert and then it hits you and then you’re like, “OH FUCK WTFWTFWTF.”