Blood Orange aka Dev Hynes is a musical wizard. As a master of songwriting, production, and live performance, the man does it all. And with ease. Fans have been waiting patiently for the release of some new Blood Orange music as a follow up to last year’s Coastal Groove, but in lieu of original material Hynes cut and released this cover of Lemonade‘s “Neptune.” The remake even features a few bars from his friend Starchild towards the end. Here’s what Dev had to say about the track:

Seven months ago the band Lemonade shared with the world their song “Neptune”. It’s a wonderful pop song, with wonderful melodies and connectable / perfect lyrics. As I tend to do with most songs I hear and love. I covered it, as an exercise usually only for myself, but this time I sent it to the band. At the time I loved the lyrics, but right now seven months later… i fully appreciate the lyrics, so in the absence of new Blood Orange materiel… here it is.

p.s I asked my friend Starchild to perform a rap at the end of the track. (You should definitely grab his most recent mix tape Night Music)

Anyway enough. Enjoy.


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