This has probably been a hectic and especially exhausting weekend for most. The new school year is in full swing, both college football and NFL are back, and in general the summer season is winding down. So if you’re looking for something to help calm your pace a bit before diving into the next week, this debut EP from Anthony Ferraro aka Astronauts, etc. is a perfect fit.

Described as space-inspired dream pop, Supermelodic Pulp is an impressively expansive and deeply layered premiere effort from the talented Berkeley student. It is an experimental voyage into the vast open areas of sound and emotion. One that feels intensely dramatic at times while still retaining a smooth, relaxed agenda. As a trained classical pianist, Ferraro has an obvious ear for properly arranging works and does so beautifully in each of the EP’s five tracks.

You can explore Supermelodic Pulp below and grab a copy for yourself over at the Astronauts, etc. Bandcamp page.

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