The Dean’s List started popping up on radars a couple of years ago and the Boston group won fans over quickly with their catchy, party-friendly style of hip-hop. They may not have been the first to run with this style, but there was a flood of acts who came after and inflated the scene into a bubble on the verge of popping. But while others exploited the lighthearted, good-times-all-the-time type stuff to the fullest, The Dean’s List got serious. They can still crank out the red cup raps, but with songs like “Hennessy At Cookouts,” they prove that they’re deeper than your typical college rap crew.

Look out for The Dean’s List’s free album, Jerusalem, on September 17th.

With the recent launch of The Dean’s List’s new company, “Vérité Films,” they have transformed The Dean’s List into an expanded platform to include film and video while releasing our music through their new distribution channel, “The Kings Dead,” which represents art, culture, and lifestyle through music.