In an interview with Parade, Mitt Romney gave a glimpse into his musical taste. He’s a fan of the The Killers (fronted by fellow Mormon Brandon Flowers), but seems mostly unconcerned with current music. Read an excerpt from the interview below:

Give me your White House vision.
MR: I’d like it to be open and have people feel welcome there. I don’t just mean touring it, but also come to the East Room and see a performance of some kind.

Like what?
MR: Well, I would certainly want to hear from the Beach Boys, even though I know it’s not the same group it used to be. Also Garth Brooks and Kenny Chesney and Toby Keith, and today’s rock stars—The Killers are one group I enjoy.
AR:  I love jazz, I love pop, I love rock, I love classical.
MR: I’d let Alabama come back and sing again, and Aerosmith. Different eras.
AR: We have a friend in the Eagles.
MR: These are not all Republicans, by the way. Some may turn us down, but—
AR: No, they would die to be mentioned.
MR: I think the Obamas have done a nice job of welcoming various artists and having people come enjoy the White House. I also think, by the way, that having two children in the White House is a good thing. I hope, if we are lucky enough to be there, our grandchildren could come on occasion.
AR: They’d want to move in, Mitt!
MR: I think having little feet in the hallway is wonderful.

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