Mike Shinoda is best known for the many roles he plays in Linkin Park and Fort Minor, but if you dig a little deeper you’ll learn pretty quickly that his tastes run the gamut from rock to pop to hip-hop of all styles. He’s worked with Jay-Z, produced for artists like Lupe Fiasco, Kenna, and Styles Of Beyond, and if you check his Twitter you know it doesn’t stop there. We decided to find out what a guy like Mike Shinoda is listening to these days. Here are five tracks in current rotation.

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Nick Catchdubs vs. Jim Jones – “666 RACKZ”

Mike: “After hearing this, I immediately emailed my manager and asked to get in touch with Nick. We’ve been doing remixes of our new album (Living Things) and I need a Catchdubs/Linkin Park remix. This track is unbelievable.”

The Hundred In The Hands “Keep It Low”

Mike: “I love the vibe of this track; classic and brand new all at once. I can’t get enough of it. Incidentally, they also have a song called ‘Pigeons‘…”

[Note: You can download the song for free here]

Azealia Banks – “Fantasea”

Mike: “This Machinedrum track is nuts. I like it as ‘Fantastix,’ and I like it as ‘Fantasea.’ Azaelia Banks does her thing on this one.”

Chester French – “Black Girls”

Mike: “What a fun song. Can’t say I’ve ever heard anything like it.”

Joey Badass, “Survival Tactics”

Mike: “Back in 1988, I was a kid sitting in the back of the studio (aka Jason’s garage) when Styles Of Beyond recorded the original track that Joey Badass sampled for this. This was my introduction to Joey Badass–I like what he did with the track. If you like it, check out the original S.O.B. version.”

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