It’s been a while since we’ve heard from our 11-year-old friend and music contributor Kayla. A lot has changed since then. She now has a boyfriend (she might kill me for putting that out there), she got a cell phone (last text I got from her: “did you post my thingy yet?”), and her tastes have changed a lot (depending on how you define “a lot”).

It’s always refreshing to get a young perspective, so here is Kayla’s new list of favorite songs, with an explanation of why she likes each.

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Nicki Minaj – “Starships”

Kayla: “I like this song because its really fun and would be great for like a party and I like how Nicki Minaj mixes her awesome rapping with her pretty singing voice to make a really catchy song!”

Demi Lovato – “Give Your Heart a Break”

Kayla: “I absolutely love this song because Demi went through so much and instead of giving up everything she got back on her feet and did this song and is a judge on the x factor. Another reason i love this song is because its like really sweet and heartfelt and i love the beat and the lyrics and the chorus gets stuck in my head for weeks usually when that happens i want to kill myself because its so annoying but i have no problem with this song because it is my favorite song by far and i just love this song and i love Demi Lovato, shes so strong and shes so talented and you can tell she worked hard and put a lot of feeling into this song. I listen to it on repeat like 20 times in a row!”

Cher Lloyd – “Want You Back”

Kayla: “I like this song because its very catchy and fun and it would be good for a party i also think that she is a really good singer and instead of being forced to sing some song that the songwriters shove in her face you can tell that shes just having fun with it and i think that’s important!”

One Direction – “What Makes You Beautiful”

Kayla: “I like this song because this is the song that made 1D famous and its so catchy i get it stuck in my head every time i listen to it i also like the lyrics!”

Karmin – “Brokenhearted”

Kayla: “I like this song because Amy has a really pretty voice and she can rap really good which is cool i also like the beat and the lyrics, this is another song that the chorus always gets stuck in my head when i listen to it!”

Carly Rae Jepsen – “Call Me Maybe”

Kayla: “I like this song because its so catchy and like every girl my age knows and loves this song.Its also very fun and up beat and Carly has a really good voice!”

B.o.B ft. Taylor Swift – “Both Of Us”

Kayla: “I like this song because it mixes Taylor’s soft sweet voice with B.o.B`s rapping and it sounds awesome!”

One Direction – “Na Na Na”

Kayla: “I like this song because its very upbeat and One Direction is singing it!”

One Direction – “Stole My Heart”

Kayla: “I like this song because I LOVE One Direction and this song is probably one of my favorites just because its super catchy and fun and there amazing voices really show in this song!”

One Direction – “One Thing”

Kayla: “I like this song because it has a lot of energy, I know every single word to this song I love One Direction and this is my fave 1D song!”