How many times in your life have you been watching TV and thought to yourself, this song sounds exactly like [great indie song]. If you watch a lot of TV, it’s probably . People have been noticing ad agencies and corporations clearly ripping off bands’ sounds and, on occasion, single songs in a bid to sell a product, despite not having the rights to the particular song. Most recently was a case where Volkswagon ran an ad using music sounding exactly like “Take Care,” the closing number on Beach House’s 2010 album, Teen Dream. The band wasn’t happy.

“The worst thing is that it feels like something close to what we made. A feeling and a sentiment and an energy has been copied and is being used to sell something we didn’t want to sell.”

In that case Beach House opted to not seek legal recourse, but The Black Keys and Danger Mouse aren’t taking their instance of borderline copyright infringement sitting down. The band and producer have officially submitted filings alleging use of “Gold On The Ceiling” and “Lonely Boy” in ads for Pizza Hut and Home Depot, without permission. The legal documents were filed two days ago against the companies. Check out the Pizza Hut commercial in question below.

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