The selling points for New Zealand band Opposite Sex: “truly pure and slightly feral.” It may not appeal to everyone, but there is most definitely a tribe of people to which words like “feral” spark immediate interest. If you’re one of those people, you’ll want to check this out, because Opposite Sex is most definitely slightly feral.

“In The Trees” is so wild that at any point it sounds like it could break into a surf song, a blues song, a punk song, or the Batman theme song. It does none of these things, and this makes it all the more wonderfully feral. This particular track didn’t make the cut because “Lucy thought her dog-barking & howling in the chorus may have been a bit out of tune (something that never worries howling dogs).”

Grab “In The Trees” below, and check out Opposite Sex’s entire album at their Bandcamp.

The music of young outsider trio Opposite Sex is unfashionable, yet timelessly so… an accidental blend of post-punk, carnival waltzes, French ’60s pop, no wave oddness and goodness knows what else…. “truly pure and slightly feral” as a music mailorder place told us (they liked that) when snapping up the NZ pressing to sell. Which is why I thought you (or one of the team – I couldn’t decide which) might appreciate them at Pigeons & Planes.


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