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Everybody likes a good mixtape. They’re fun to make, share and receive. New York’s MS MR clearly understand the appeal. As new artists on the scene, they’ve already hit us with a very cool debut in their single “Hurricane,” and now the duo have put together this fun little mix as a thank you to the fans for supporting their work. They recently posted Track Addict Vol. 1 Mixtape on their tumblr page along with the message below.

We wanted to take a second to say THANK YOU for your <3 and support of ms mr hurricane :) in return we’d like to share the first installment our new mix series, track addict vol. i, enjoy! xx ps - a huge thank you all these incredible artists for allowing us use their songs this mix. they’re class acts, each every one.< p>

Here’s the full download, and here’s the track list;

1. Breeze Blocks – Alt-J // 2. Seconds – Ghost Loft // 3. Move to the Ocean (Baauer Remix) – Brick + Mortar // 4. Amber – Electronic Guest // 5. Forever – Haim // 6. My Better Self – Tennis // 7. Lazuli – Beach House // 8. Sleep Paralysis – Gabriel Bruce // 9. Wrenning Day – Ava Luna // 10. Midland – Arthur Beatrice // 11. pound your town to hell – Cloudy Busey // 12. Suburbs (Cover) – Mr Little Jeans // 13. Don’t Move – Phantogram //14. Gone – Vacationer

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