16 years old. Marcel Everett/XXYYXX is 16 years old. When I was 16 years old I could barely play an arpeggio on my battered hand-me-down saxophone.  We last flirted with this Florida native’s talent in our Dance Music Post. 26 a couple weeks back. “About You” kicks off with rolling, guttural synths which tumble into sporadically hyperactive drums as barely intelligible vocals drop in and out at their pleasure. Layers are peeled off and placed back on like a confused monkey’s first banana, but this is just a testament to the technicality of the song.

The video fits in perfectly with the music. Watch the video for inspiration of the kind of activities you should be participating in whilst enjoying this foggy, stretched, post-dub hypnosis. Big up to young director Jeff Vash. And don’t miss the killer Beyonce sample.

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