After watching this video, it’s pretty obvious why Kanye West is a fan of Florence + The Machine. Check Flo out here, all decked out in gold, surrounded by ballerinas and Egyptian-looking characters. It’s the new video for “Spectrum” directed by David LaChapelle & John Byrne. Here’s what David and Flo said about it:

David LaChapelle:

“It’s a beautiful song that really touched me and inspired me to create imagery that matches its power. ‘Spectrum’ is free of scepticism, irony, and the coldness one finds in a lot of contemporary popular music. It’s the opposite – full of light, positivity and authentic joy. I hope that I can do justice to this moving modern classic.” – David LaChapelle


“It was a complete dream to work with David LaChapelle. I collected his books as a teenager, and I fantasised that he would direct the video for ‘Spectrum’ from the moment the song was written.
 I still cant believe it actually happened, 
and I’m completely overjoyed that he felt such a connection with the song.” – Florence Welch

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