We last spoke about Gabriel Bruce after the release of “Sleep Paralysis“, which grabbed poor Constant Gardner‘s attention so forcefully that he couldn’t help but listen to it on repeat. Gabriel has learnt a few new tricks since then, upgrading his low-key gloom with the added shine and diversity of a higher level of production, while remaining faithful to his mournful and macabre sound. Bruce’s voice sounds more suited as a tannoy announcer in a haunted house than anything else, and this works to his advantage as his breathy, aggressive tones give these tracks a startling uniqueness that you will struggle to find elsewhere. I must also tip my proverbial hat to the individuality of each song. This is a properly done EP which tells a story and exhibits impressive variety.

Dark Lights Shine Loud is released on July 2nd, but music’s answer to Vincent Price has mercifully seen fit to make it available to listen to in it’s entirety below. I would recommend waiting until Halloween for the full haunting effect.