CocoRosie makes weird music. They always have. It’s great, but can be difficult to really get into beyond the initial, “Oh wow, this is weird and awesome” because unless you live The Strange Life, there aren’t many appropriate times to listen to very weird music. You can not listen to CocoRosie while you are taking your dog to get groomed or evaluating your stock portfolio. It’s the kind of music more suited for that night you decide to climb on your roof and build a fort called House On A House. Stuff like that.

For “We Are On Fire” the Casady sisters enlist TV On The Radio‘s Dave Sitek for production duties and together they do a nice job of balancing the weird with the accessible. It’s a little reminiscent of The Knife, but less synthy. The new CocoRosie 7″, “We Are On Fire” b/w “Tearz For Animals”, is out June 4th 2012.


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