Yesterday, we got a taste of how diverse Flosstradamus‘ production talents can be when they laced Deniro Farrar with a melancholic hip-hop beat that seemed to stand outside of their current reputation as electronic producers who can always be counted on to up the ante on a track with their patented blend of genres. They’ve had a remarkably consistent remixing career, the kind names are built on, by taking source material and fusing it with elements of house, footwork and trap music to take tracks to another level. We reached out to Flosstradamus to get a list of their five favorite remixes to date.

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Major Lazer – “Original Don (Flosstradamus Remix)”

Since Diplo cooked up his dancehall project with Switch, Major Lazer remixes have been a staple in the dance music world. Flosstradamus don’t even have to try to compete with the masses, taking this rework into such impossibly hard and unexpected direction that it stands head and shoulders over any other remix of “Original Don.” They took this one from the club to the trap and pushed it so far not even someone like Waka could keep up with a beat like this.

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Matt & Kim – “Yeah Yea (Flosstradamus Remix)”

The pieces were already in place for this remix to crush things. Matt & Kim’s calling card is their heady, impossibly infectious synth work. The duo seems to pull catchy out of thin air, and while remixing a track from an indie duo might be a tall order for your average electronic producer, FlossyD proved themselves more than up to the task by infusing this with some off-kilter, booming bass and just piling on the synths to the inherent hooks of the original.

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Lil Jon – “Act A Fool (Flosstradamus Remix)”

How do you up the ante on a Lil Jon track? Is it even possible? That’s the kind of logical quandary Flosstradamus faced when taking “Act A Fool” on. The answer? Yes, you can up the ante on a Lil Jon song.

Twista – “Overnight Celebrity (Flosstradamus Remix)”

Kanye’s soul-sampling original production for this was one of his early classics. A monster of a beat, Flosstradamus teased out the original beat’s emotional ambiguity into full on melancholic territory in their take by liberally sampling “Staralfur” by Sigur Ros and adding in their signature percussion into the mix. The result was a shimmering, fun take on a modern rap classic.

James Curd feat. DJ Gant-Man – “Do The Dance (Flosstradamus Remix)”

Chicago to their core, Flosstradamus just had to have one of their takes on Windy City legends in the list. The collab between James Curd and Gant-Man was big before the duo got involved, and their take only made it both hotter and more of a Chicago affair. It’s the second track in the mix below.

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