Record Store Day is upon us. And by “upon us” I mean it’s on April 21st, but it’s time to start doing your research and deciding what goodies you’re gonna snag on this most holy of music holidays. If you’re not familiar with the holiday (or record stores) because you’re a child of the internet and haven’t been outside since you discovered you could order pizza online, let me enlighten you. Record stores used to be the only place you could go to get that new EP from your favorite artist. People would actually leave their homes, perhaps riding in a car, or in some instances by bike or walking, and actually physically go to the record store to “buy” their music.

Now here’s the kicker: records stores still exist. Yes, some of these legends of vinyls gone by are still in existence and provide a unique opportunity to music lovers across the country. Many of these stores are independent, meaning they’re able to sell what they want, when they want, and how they want. Record stores are generally owned and operated by very interesting people. People who share your passion for music and have wonderful opinions, and possibly even reccomendations to expand your musical horizons. Next time you find yourself inside one, you should speak to someone. Strike up a conversation about how much better vinyl is, or why your Sennheiser headphones make Bose sound like a shitty pair of Phillips. Snobbery is often welcome in places like these.

Record Store Day is a wonderful time of the year where independent record stores across the nation (and world!) team up with artists to celebrate the music. On April 21st visit your local record store to choose from a plethora of RSD-only releases. Many LPs, EPs, Re-Releases, Special Editions, and singles will only be available at RSD participating stores. There is a list of these celebratory releases, but the list is long, and you’re a busy person. But P&P is here to help. Here are the top ten things you’ll want to snag on April 21st. We’re giving it to you plenty early so you’ll have time to save up those nickels and dimes.

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Animal Collective – Transverse Temporal Gyrus

Two years ago, the boys from Animal Collective teamed up with ODDSAC director Danny Perez to perform Transverse Temporal Gyrus at the Guggenheim. The tracks were put through a randomizer as part of a two hour installation that was one part spaceship crash, and one part papier maché hologram explosion. Those tracks, pre-randomization, are set to be released on 12″ LP, with a website going up later to provide the randomization option for those of us who prefer our Animal Collective scrambled.


Arcade Fire – Sprawl II

The Damian Taylor remix of “Sprawl II” featured on the dance-motion video for the track makes its first physical appearance on this special edition 12″. Joining it is the Damian Taylor remix of “Ready To Start” that was previously only available with the deluxe film-bundled version of The Suburbs. That is happy times indeed.


Danny Brown – XXX

Ok. There’s not really anything new here. But Record Store Day is all about vinyl, limited editions, and other rare items. Yes, you’ve probably heard all of XXX,  but have you heard it on vinyl? Because your record player ain’t shit until it’s got some Danny in it. The RSD release comes on 2 12″ LPs with a bonus white 7″ vinyl. There are only 1000 copies available, so if you get it, be sure to brag about it to all of your jealous friends.


Shabazz Palaces – Live At KEXP 

Shabazz Palaces have recently cornered the market on thoughtful, strange, hip-hop that even a mongolian sheep herder could get in to. Seeing as 1/2 of the duo is Palaceer Lazaro (formerly Butterfly of Digable Planets) it comes as no surprise that they would be big supporters of local record stores. The pair is releasing a 12″ of their exacting performance at KEXP. This is the type of hip-hop that was meant to be heard on vinyl.


M83 – Mirror

I don’t need to say too much on this one. We all know the magic of M83, and we’ve all probably already heard “Mirror”, the hidden track from Hurry Up We’re Dreaming. But on the off chance that you had not heard the phenomenal, bouncing, rattling, caroming towards destruction or elation track, I had literally no choice but to include it’s  7″ vinyl release on this list.


The White Stripes – “Hand Springs”/”Red Death At 6:14”

Sometimes it’s not about new music. Sometimes it’s about nostalgia, celebration, supporting a legacy, and red and white swirled vinyl. Jack and Meg recently broke the news to the world that they had no plans to record together, perform together or anything like that ever again. What better way to celebrate/mourn one of the best acts in recent memory than by releasing two early singles on a beautiful red and white swirled vinyl. Even if you never listen to it, you can just stare at it and weep.


Lana Del Ray – “Born To Die [Damon Albarn Remix]”/”Blue Jeans [Penguin Prison Remix]”

I think Kraft Mac and Cheese is better reheated. Mac N Cheese is pretty good the first time, but stick that sucker in the fridge for a day and then nuke it for a minute and it’s a whole new experience. I feel the same way about Lana Del Ray. “Born To Die” and “Blue Jeans” are nice tracks, but a Damon Albarn and Penguin Prison remix of those tracks is bound to be as good as reheated mac n cheese.

Neon Indian – Hex Girlfriend 

Translucent Blue Vinyl. Neon Indian, on translucent blue vinyl. It’ll be pretty, it’ll sound wonderful, but there are only 500 copies available. This one may take some hunting to actually find, so if I were you, I’d pop into my local record store and let them know how much you want it. You don’t want to be the only one of your friends without a pretty blue circle that play “Hex Girlfriend” and a Twin Shadows remix of “Hex Girlfriend”.


Beach House – Lasuli B/W Equal Mind 

Beach House’s new album Bloom is out May 15th, but they’re giving us all a taste test by releasing A-side track “Lasuli” with non-album track “Equal Mind” on the reverse side. If you want a preview of the preview you can download “Myth”.


Childish Gambino – Heartbeat

Just like The White Stripes, Neon Indian, and Danny Brown, Childish Gambino is adding a bit of flair to his RSD release with a special colored 12″. Gambino’s release will be on red vinyl and will feature the original “Heartbeat”, an I.M.O.L. remix plus the a cappella and  instrumental versions.

There’s a ton of good stuff up for grabs. Check out the releases that fell just short of our top ten in the Honorable Mention section below, or check out the full list here. Support your local record store, go buy something cool on April 21st.

Other stuff to check out:

Arctic Monkeys – R U Mine – 7″ – 1340
Blitzen Trapper – Hey Joe b/w Skirts on Fire – 7″ – 750
Common – The Dreamer, The Believer – LP – 3000
The Civil Wars – Billie Jean – 7″ Vinyl – 1000
The Civil Wars – Live At Amoeba – CD
Coldplay – “Up With The Birds”/”UFO” – 7″ Vinyl – 1000
Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. – We Almost Lost Detroit EP – 12″ – 1000
Foster The People – “Broken Jaw”/”Ruby” – 7″ – 2800
The Flaming Lips – The Flaming Lips and Heady Fwends – 2x LP, custom jackets – 10000
Jimmy Fallon – “Tebowie” – 7″ – 3500
Florence + The Machine – “Shake It Out” – 7″ vinyl – 3000
Grouplove – “Don’t Fly Too Close To The Sun” – 7″ – 2360
Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros – One Love To Another – 7″ – 1500
Miike Snow – “Devil’s Work” – 7″ vinyl
St Vincent – KROKODIL – 7″ Red Vinyl – 2500
The Tallest Man On Earth – King Of Spain – 12″ – 2000
Gorillaz (featuring James Murphy and Andre 3000) – Do Ya Thing – 10″ vinyl – 500
The Hives – Go Right Ahead – 7″ – 750
Now Now/The Lonely Forest – Shifting/Woe Is Me – Split 7″ – 400
Phenomenal Handclap Band/Peaches – Walk The Night – 12″ Vinyl – 500
Ra Ra Riot & Delicate Steve – “Valerie”/”The Big Ship” – 7″ hand numbered white vinyl – 400
Esparanza Spaulding – Radio Music Society – 2xLP – 3000
Odd Future – The OF Tape Vol. 2 – 2xLP
Thievery Corporation – Cosmic Game – 4 x 12″ clear vinyl – 500