Oh, Sufjan Stevens. You never know what he’s going to do next, but after crafting what is arguably his best work with Come On Feel the Illinoise, he’s been all over the place. From glitchy concept albums about insane people to heavily religious Christmas albums, his sound and focus has morphed from the early days of soft, folksy compositions.

Next up, Sufjan links with rapper Serengeti and rockers Son Lux for s / s / s. It’s reason for excitement and worry, and it’s coming out on the experimental Anticon label, so don’t expect anything easy to swallow. “Museum Day” is our first taste of the project, and while there are elements of the Sufjan that we love, it’s also overwhelmingly disjointed and at times feels more like a spoken word piece than a “song.”

s / s / s’ Beak & Claw EP is coming out March 20.