Earlier today Chicago-based music site RubyHornet premiered Illasoul: Shades of Blue, the debut solo project from Kids These Days‘ trumpet player Nico Segal. The eight-track album features guest spots from fellow Kids members Vic Mensa (“Clear Eyes” produced by Blended Babies) and Macie Stewart (“Dreamy”), as well as a collaboration with Coldhard of Crucial Conflict. Segal’s approach to lyricism results in a commingling of rhyme and spoken word poetry that settles comfortably atop the various J. Dilla and Miles Davis-like inspired tracks found throughout the album. I like to describe his style as “coffee shop hip-hop”, poetic thought with an urban twist.

With this release Nico demonstrates that his talents extend beyond just simply being another horn in the brass section. Have a stream of the album below, it’s also available for a free DOWNLOAD HERE.

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