The GTW featuring Brandun Deshay and the beautiful Rai Knight? And LSD? Swoop. But despite the misleading title, which prompted me to cop doses and trip ballz on this beautiful Tuesday night, this song is not about drugs. I’d explain, but I’m tripping ballz, so I’m going to hit the roof and see what’s good. Shoutout America. Shoutout Sweden. Shoutout Poland. Here’s the press release:

I know you have a crush on the lovely Detroit songbird Rai Knight, so I wanted to send you a new song she is featured on with the Chicago based neo-tech musician, The GTW.

In Chicago there is a physical line between the rich and the poor. This line is known as LSD (Lake Shore Drive). The GTW teams up with fellow Chicago artist, Brandun Deshay, to illustrate their experiences with LSD. The song takes listeners on an exciting mental ride with a bass heavy ambient feel. The Chicago styled verses are coupled well with the flavored vocals of indie-hop singer, Rai Knight, & an electronic-trap hybrid beat from English Producer, Selasse (who is a producer in Saturday Youth Rec).