When are we going to stop being caught up on this whole “legal system” garbage and realize that we’re wasting the time of those who are arguably the most important members of society: rappers. It’s crazy. I can understand Ja Rule, but Killer Reese One? Ridiculous. Here are the non-details of the press release:

Los Angeles, CA – On Friday, February 3rd, 2012, Venice Beach artist and rapper, Killer Reese One, of King Fantastic, was taken into custody by Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department and is currently awaiting trial. The facts associated with the case are still being gathered.

During this time, King Fantastic have several projects that will be released including a new EP, single and video.

“We appreciate all the love over the last two years and hope to have your continued support during this difficult time.” – Troublemaker of King Fantastic

All of the groups music and videos, which have been free for the last two years will now be for sale, as well as all merchandise, including a ‘Free Reese” t-shirt, available on King Fantastic’s website: http://thekingfantastic.com/store

All the proceeds will go to “Free Reese.”

Free Reese.

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