Another week of bleepy-bloopies for your dancing shoes. Dance music is continuing it’s inevitable rise into the mainstream and we just happen to be plotting it week by week. You guys see A-Trak, Diplo & Skrillex all chillin’ on the cover of Billboard? This is happening, it is not a drill. Anyway, CG and I think this is a good week for DMP, we’re getting the hang of the balance between interesting, forward-thinking stuff and just plain old fun bangers. If you want more of either one, leave it in the comments. BLAOW BLAOW BLAOW SWOOOOOOP

Dance Music Post. 17 (.zip) 


Last week I was telling you all to keep a look out for Scuba’s forthcoming LP from which you heard clips of a couple of songs. Now he is giving one of them away for free. This sounds like the soundtrack to a rave in some dark, damp underground cavern. Check out a bit of the new genre I’m calling haunted house.

Scuba – “Flash Addict”

Not quite sure how to describe this one. It’s another dark tune, with syncopated drum rhythms careening everywhere that just build and build. It gets really cool as the track progresses and is definitely worth a listen. I guess it could be classified as techno, but it’s definitely taking UK Bass music influences in stride with the varied percussion and echoing vocal chops. I’m listening to it right now and can’t get over the snares.

Graphics – “MacGrackleton”

Now for a lurching, garage-sounding remix by mysterious producer MAO, who keeps the chopped-up vocals of the original but adds a propulsive beat and a bit of a bassy kick to kit this one out for the dance floor. Do also check out the weird but amusing video for the original here.

Maribou State – “Olivia (MAO Remix)”

I discovered this via Brenmar’s latest mix for Open Ceremony. I’m slowly becoming that annoying dude who listens to hour-long mixes to hear the transitions. Not sure how I feel about that. However, it is a great way to learn a lot of great new tracks. You don’t have to do it if you don’t want, I’ll report back. That’s what I’m here for. R&B edits are a dime a dozen these days but this one is elevated territory, DJ Sliink is that dude.

Shontelle – “Impossible (DJ Sliink Remix)”

This is probably the greatest song in the world ever. It’s some cray cray disco shit that swerves wildly between unacceptably cheesy, and foot-stompingly awesome. Get yo groove on below.

Enzio & Emilio – “Disco Shit (Rasputin)”

Dark, innovative juke is a combination of words that will never fail to get me listening as fast as I can. And that’s about the best way to describe the latest from Fade To Mind signee, Cedaa. When this dropped I was in class and could not listen so I sent it to Confusion to give me the rundown:

it sounds spastic and i’m pretty sure theres a sample of a baby crying in it
its weird…not like a real cry. Just like a “Wah” that sounds like its been pitched down or something
its fast and sounds like it edm but i cant imagine dancing to it
i am at my desk. i tried to dance a little to it and couldnt
i dont know what juke is, but that sounds like a word that could describe this

Cedaa – “Patagonia”

Reset! is a 5-piece collective from Milan, Italy, and they are very excited. You can tell because they have an exclamation point in their name. They might have reason to be, though, because this remix sounds like nu-disco on crack. Its low-range, grinding synths do a lot of damage post-drop and the pianos hooks are just a delight.

Reset! – “Don’t Let The System Control You (Turbofunk Remix)”

More disco. Always more disco. Makes the world a happier place, without a doubt. Gigamesh is a big name in the disco game, for very, very good reason. Listen to this and don’t smile. Try it. Grouplove are a name to watch as well, an indie band with the chorus chops of someone like Lady Gaga (overstatement, the hook on “Edge of Glory” is still unbeatable). Shoutz 2 jobe on the twit tip.

Grouplove – “Tongue Tied (Gigamesh Remix)”

Let’s get into the poppy shit, yeah? The original of this track was big, but I’m always hesitant to play it out in a DJ set or post it because its chorus is so unabashedly catchy, which is also the essence of why I probably like it. Luckily, Laidback Luke preserves that chorus and just adds his own typically not laidback touches to it. It’s labelled as house music, but it really sounds more like a war march led by a pop singer.

Felix Cartal ft. Polina – “Don’t Turn On The Lights (Laidback Luke Remix)”

Internets going wild for this one. Probably because it combines dubstep and electro house into one big track that basically just has fun and goes wild. ifn yew loik dat sorta ting den dis ish 4 yew! No idea why I wrote that like that. Gonna leave it though.

Ian Carey ft. Rosette & Timbaland – “Amnesia (Cazzette Remix)”

Is it just me, or is this song indistinguishable from the stuff on the radio? Granted, I don’t really listen to the radio, but still. I’m pretty sure that the world has been taken over by B-grade electro, and if this was made by someone with a big name it would be Top 40 immediately. Listen to this and try to disagree. I don’t know how IRL popular Alex Saidac is because I live on the Internet, but she’s Swedish and is the pic for this post. Synth stabs courtesy of Wideboys Club. Unless this is a club remix by the Wideboys? Ergh.

Alex Saidac – “Stay In This Moment (Wideboys Club Remix)”