Goddamn, Sweden, let them live! Two of Scandinavia’s finest indie pop outfits link up for this one. You already know how I feel about Miike Snow‘s upcoming album Happy To You (it’s out March 27th, and it’s awesome), and if you don’t know, trust this: I am properly in love with Lykke Li. Yes, it makes me slightly jealous when Lykke works with other men, but I can’t be mad at this combination. It’s not one of the album’s most accessible or easy-to-love tracks, but it’s Miike Snow and Lykke Li, so you will take it and you will like it, okay? Shoutout to Sweden.

Sidenote: I took that pic up there. It was Lollapalooza 2008, and Andrew Wyatt of Miike Snow joined Lykke on stage during her set. Two seconds after the picture was taken, Lykke turned to me and we locked eyes and shared a look that said, “Some day. Some day.”