Music and drugs have an extensive, and often times messy, history with one another. When used in the same sentence most associate a negative connotation with the pairing, assuming the connection will result in something ugly or tragic. Sadly we’ve been conditioned to believe that when narcotic and art mix, inspiration and potential vanish, but used in a metaphorical context the combo can mean something very different. In “Breakfast Coke” Ivy League grad and emcee Chance Fischer paints the picture of music as a drug. One used as a healthy and very potent pick-me-up.

Chance always puts a lot of thought into his work, and his submission descriptions often help support the message his music is meant to get across. See below for Fischer’s thoughts on the track and to hear “Breakfast Coke”.

“The song symbolizes my feelings toward music as an artist, and how it gets me up during times of need. When tequila is the only sunrise I see, when the stage lights are the only brightness in my life and my past won’t let me go; music is the only reality I have and the most potent drug I can find.”

If you’re fiending for more material from Fischer, be sure to check out his recently released Passport To Nowhere mixtape here.

Chance Fischer ft. Dylan Owen & Kinetics – “Breakfast Coke”