The newest video from The Drums didn’t mean much to me on first watch. It shows lead singer Johnny Pierce walking around London, looking pensive and lonely. But there’s a little more to it, and luckily, it comes with a little bit of an explanation. The video was shot in London, a place that brought  a wave of nostalgia over the band, who remembered the first time they came to London as a band. Patrick Roberts, the director explains:

“For Jonny, this is a very personal song. We wanted to convey a tone of recollection, memory, and longing. While the lyrical content could refer to a person, we wanted to play with the idea that it could also refer to a place.

We chose to keep the images within a specific color palette, in order to heighten the sense and theme of memory. Memories are often tinted or abstracted, so we also texturized the images. We chose to incorporate figures that were ghostly, painterly, and saturated in color. We wanted a video that retained a sense of human touch. Something visceral and intimate.”

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