Kids These Days may not be on everyone’s hot list of up-and-coming hip-hop acts, but they’re quietly killing it with consistency. There’s an advantage to that. Instead of trying to live up to the hype of name drops and co-signs, these kids are simply working on proving themselves. In 2011 they made an impact at Lollapalooza, Milwaukee Summerfest, Ottawa Blues Fest, and an Apple store performance in Chicago.

The most surprising news? I quote: “Rumor has it, Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy is on to produce the project and a possible feature from Chicago native R Kelly.”

Damn. Don’t be surprised if these guys start coming up in more conversations in the near future. Check out the video for “Clear Eyes” below. It’s a jazzy cut with a very cool video. It reminds me of the effect in this video. No idea how they do that.

Hit the jump to watch…

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