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If you frequent the blog a lot you’ve heard this many times before, but I’m going to iterate it again. We are very, very awed by the pop prowess of the inhabitants of that hallowed corner of Scandinavia known as Sweden. They never cease to amaze us. Earlier this year, we discovered Little Majorette. They’re a trio made up of a singer/vocalist who is very pretty and two chill talent-bros (talented bros), who are also part of the touring ensemble of Miike Snow. They’re great and poppy and addicting, like smoking crack out of a candy cane.

I’m including the three favorite cuts of theirs I’ve come across, all are off the album Rifle Heart. Check out the streams below, they’re all going to improve your day, unless you’re a sociopath. In which case, be about your business!

Little Majorette – “Saving You For Best”

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